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A one-on-one private lesson is an excellent option for anyone interested in beginning guitar or improving their knowledge and skill at the instrument. I offer lessons that are tailored to the individual and their learning process in a focused and fun environment. Students that have the most success in lessons are those who show up having engaged with the material I’ve presented them with and have consistent practice sessions throughout the week. I view my role of instructor as one of facilitating a learning experience for the student through our problem-solving together.

Lesson Rates

One 30 minute lesson: $30/35
One 45 minute lesson: $40/45
One 60 minute lesson: $50/55

Five 30 minute lessons: $140/165
Five 45 minute lessons: $215/230
Five 60 minute lessons: $290/315

Ten 30 minute lessons:$280/330
Ten 45 minute lessons:$380/405
Ten 60 minute lessons:$480/505

Bold indicates the $5/lesson fee for travelling to a student’s home.

I offer lessons that are 30, 45, and 60 minutes in length. A student’s learning style, previous experience, and future goals are all factors to be considered in determining the most appropriate lesson length for progress.

Lessons are taught at my home teaching space in North Seattle.
Rate of $5 per lesson will be applied for an in-home lesson.
Please observe my cancellation policy which requires notice at least 48 hours in advance of the planned lesson time. Notice given any later will not be made-up. If proper notice is given, I will happily schedule a makeup lesson within two weeks of the original lesson.

Special rates can be discussed on a discretionary basis for group lessons and lessons exceeding an hour in length.